Husky Company Name

Husky face and Husky trademark- CIPO application 1211583

HUSKY is a common company name in Canada. There are more than 200 Husky trade names and corporate names registered in Canada.

There are 196 trademarks for the word Husky. 111 of the trademarks are active, while the rest are expired (abandoned, canceled, or expunged for non-use.)

Before registering another business name with the word Husky, make sure that there are no conflicts with any of the active trademarks listed below.

The following Business Name search shows that there are more than 200 Husky companies registered in Canada:

Note: Nuans business name searches are limited to 200 results. I could have found all of them if I searched business registrations for each province separately. This search report is not a complete listing. There are probably more listings since the search maxed out at 200 results.

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