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Buy a NUANS pre-search. We will send you the first 300 Canadian business names (except Quebec registrations) and trademarks having a given keyword or two.

A NUANS pre-search is used to screen business names before ordering a full NUANS search. Some keywords are so common that there will be far too many results to send you, so we limit nuans pre-search results to the first 300 trade names and trademarks.

Nuans Pre-search for the one keyword: Drywall

For example, a nuans pre-search for the word “drywall” results in 11,547 trade names and trademarks. It takes 116 pages of 100 trade names and trademarks per page to save and send the complete result, which if printed, would result in about 600 printed pages and a huge waste of time. When searching common words, please add an additional word to narrow the results.


Nuans Pre-search for two keywords: Wall Pro

For example, a nuans pre-search for the words “wall pro” results in a manageable list of 21 trade names and trademarks. In this example, we show the results of a two keyword nuans pre-search. We used a boolean operator “|” to find names that would be either the conjoined word WallPro or a combination of the two words Wall and Pro. We also added an “*” to wallpro, to capture names such as wallpros and wallprofessionals.