What is a NUANS Search?

To register or incorporate your business, a NUANS Search is required to determine the availability of a business name by searching the NUANS database. You will need to order a NUANS Search to make sure no one else has already registered the name you want to use for your business.

The complete 7-page Ontario NUANS report includes 4 pages of relevant corporation and business names, 2 pages of Trademarks and a terms and conditions page.

A NUANS Report reserves your business name for 90 days.

NUANS Pre-Search

A NUANS Preliminary Search is used to screen business names before you order a full NUANS Search. We recommend you order a NUANS Pre-Search to determine if there are any potential conflicts before ordering your official NUANS Report.

You can order a NUANS Pre-Search here.

Sample NUANS Report

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