NUANS Terms and Conditions are:

A NUANS search is a computer search report generated by the Government of Canada, based on an algorithm written by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, using Canadian government records of trademarks and business registrations across Canada.

Corporate name reservations on NUANS search reports are valid for 90 days from the date that the NUANS search report was created. The use of a NUANS report is the sole responsibility of the applicant. There is no representation whether a proposed name conflicts with other corporate names or trademarks.

Corporate name reservations appear on NUANS  search reports for 180 days from the date that the NUANS search report was created.

  • Definitions:

“Customer” refers to a person, firm or other entity who receives a NUANS Report directly or indirectly from Intelliguard Corp o/a

“Corporations Canada” shall at all times refer to the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, of the Government of Canada.

  • Disclaimers:
      1. There are no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, oral or written, in fact or by operation of law or otherwise, except as herein expressly stated.
      2. In no event shall Intelliguard Corp be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages for any reason whatsoever including any damages arising out of Customer’s use of a Nuans search report, including responsibility or liability resulting from the inaccuracy and/or omissions of NUANS Reports or NUANS Database Preliminary Search.
      3. Corporations Canada often will not allow a chosen name due to:
        a. Conflicts with similar names registered anywhere in Canada, and
        b. Conflicts with registered Canadian trademarks.
      4. Intelliguard Corp shall not be held liable by the Customer or by any third party for the failure of a NUANS Search Report or a NUANS Database Preliminary Search to disclose any name with prior rights. HP expressly excludes all liability and damages resulting from the inaccuracy or incompleteness of, or omissions from, any NUANS Report.
Database Updates
NUANS® Database Update Dates
Jurisdictions Approximate database update frequency
Alberta Business Daily
Alberta Corporate Daily
British Columbia Business Weekly
British Columbia Corporate Weekly
Federal Corporate Weekly
Manitoba Monthly
New Brunswick Monthly
Newfoundland and Labrador Monthly
Northwest Territories Business Weekly
Northwest Territories Corporate Monthly
Nova Scotia Daily
Nunavut Business Weekly
Nunavut Corporate Weekly
Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions 2011Oc21
Ontario Business Monthly
Ontario Corporate Monthly
Prince Edward Island Monthly
Saskatchewan Monthly or weekly
Trade-mark Monthly
Yukon Monthly